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XGC Media is the internet's #1 source for top quality accounts such as G-Mail, Hotmail, and Youtube Accounts and Social Media Services (Youtube Views, Twitter Followers). We are also pioneers in the field of Search Engine Optimization (aka getting Google to love your site!).
We strive to provide Top Notch services to expand your businesses and income! We are the only internet account provider that accepts all major credit cards through an authorized merchant account using 128-bit SSL order processing. You may also pay for your purchase with MoneyGram, Western Union, or Bank Wire upon request. We take customer privacy very serious, and all orders are 100% confidential and secure.

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Look, we understand the hesitations in buying views and followers. We make it easier with 24/7 Support and 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of buying Youtube views?
Getting traction is the main benefit. A really important secondary benefit is that your credibility increases based solely on that growing view count. View counts are the number one reason why people decide to watch a video or move on.
How does this work exactly?
Buying Youtube views can seem a little sketchy right? I know. But we've been doing it successfully for years. We aggregate traffic from a network of existing websites and traffic sources until the video reaches it's target number.
How do you accept payment?
We accept Paypal and all major credit cards using Paypal as a payment processor. It's super safe and easy to buy with us. We don't, however, accepts envelopes of cash. We are working on being able to take phone orders as well.
If I'm not happy, what happens?
We're pretty cool. We don't need or want your money if you aren't happy, or even if you change your mind. Just let us know. We're established with thousands of happy customers. In the end, we are confident you'll love us.
Are other people doing this?
Yes, thousands of other video creators are doing this. It's a simple marketing strategy to build credibility. If you have an awesome video, it will help kickstart your campaign. But if you're not creating awesome, then think twice before buying views.
How long does it take for the views to appear?
It will take about 24-72 hours for the views to appear on your video. In some cases, Youtube may delay the count updates because of changes on their end. We can't control that part. But ultimately, you will get what you pay for.

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I must say that this is a great service. I've received my accounts a few days ago and haven't had much time until now to check them out. Today, I have opened up my email, taken out a few random accounts and each one was working perfectly fine. At the moment I don't need any more, but once I do, I will surely come back and order some more. - ShadeDream, Jr. Executive VIP
All of these services are great. The OP will come through with any order or service you need, and most importantly it will be quick! It is safe to say that I am a very happy customer. Also, their business is set up very nicely to meet the needs of all customers and keep it simple as well. - EmpireQuality, Elite Member
I have known Turbo for a little bit. I hired him out to do some backlink building for me on a very competitive making money related keyword. I was already ranking in the top 5. Well I went on my honeymoon and have "been out of the loop" for a week or two and I came back and the number of links for my domain had jumped by 1900. - Andreyg13, Senior Member
The OP provided me a review of some hotmail account and i have been using them for the past couple of days with great success. All of the ones he provided has worked and none have been deleted since. Thanks OP. Great work. - Manudevil20, Jnr. VIP
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